The quality of our wines is a product of the interaction between soils, local climate, grape variety, which is known as terroir. All our work in the vineyard and in the cellar is geared to unfold the specialness of each wine.

All our wines are organically produced (DE-OEKO-022) which guarantees high quality and digestibility while at the same time being environmentally friendly.


Those are young uncomplicated wines designed for everyday use. Basic wines originate from different locations which are typical to their grape variety. The maximum harvest is 75,000 l / ha

White Wines

2013 Rivaner dry


2012 Müller-Thurgau semi-dry


2012 Cuvée EnVie sweet


2012 Cuvée EnVie dry


2011 Müller-Thurgau sweet


2011 Bacchus Kabinett sweet


2011 Kerner Kabinett semi-dry



2012 Blauer Portugieser semi-dry


2011 Blauer Portugieser semi-dry


Red Wines

2012 Cuvée No 1 dry


2012 Cuvée No 2 sweet



The grapes for our Estate Wine grow in selected locations with deep soil. Those wines gain their character from the interaction between grape variety and the appropriate climatic conditions. The harvest for this wine is between 60,000 – 75,000 l / ha

White Wines

2013 Grauer Burgunder Kabinett dry

Westhofener Steingrube


2013 Chardonnay Kabinett semi-dry

Bechtheimer Pilgerfahrt


2012 Scheurebe dry

Westhofener Rotenstein


2012 Riesling dry

Westhofener Aulerde


2012 Weisser Burgunder Spätlese dry

Bechtheimer Pilgerfahrt


2012 Grauer Burgunder Spätlese dry

Westhofener Steingrube


2011 Sauvignon Blanc Kabinett dry

Westhofener Steingrube


2011 Gewürztraminer sweet

Westhofener Steingrube


2011 Gewürztraminer dry

Westhofener Steingrube



2012 Blauer Portugieser dry

Westhofener Rotenstein


Red Wines

2012 Blauer Spätburgunder dry

Westhofener Aulerde


2012 Dornfelder sweet

Westhofener Bergkloster


2011 Dornfelder dry

Westhofener Bergkloster


Premiumweine und -sekte

Premium wines are the best quality wines and are produced in the best locations of our vineyard. They only grow on South facing hills, which belong to the best wine regions of Germany. The harvest is much smaller and is around 60,000 l / ha

White Wines

2013 Riesling Spätlese dry

Westhofener Morstein


2013 "Fritz Huxel" Edition dry

Westhofener Morstein


2012 Riesling Spätlese dry

Westhofener Morstein


2012 Riesling Spätlese sweet

Westhofener Morstein


2012 "Fritz Huxel" Edition Kabinett dry


2011 "Fritz Huxel" Edition Kabinett sweet


Red Wines

2012 Regent semi-dry

Westhofener Kirchspiel


2012 Saint Laurent Edition dry

Westhofener Aulerde


2012 Cabernet Dorsa sweet

Westhofener Morstein


Sparkling Wines

2012 Scheurebe semi-dry


2012 Chardonnay brut


2011 Pinot brut

Westhofener Kirchspiel


2011 Riesling brut

Westhofener Steingrube


Die Highlights des 2014er Jahrgangs: die handverlesenen Rieslinge


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