Our vineyards – totalling 9 ha – are situated in the Westofen area. It was the Romans who made us the gift of cultivating wine – and that was more than 1200 years ago! Westhofen is one of the hottest regions in Germany. Therefore it offers the most optimal condition for the ripening of grapes. All our vineyards are situated in one of the big regions, Westhofen Bergkloster and Bechtheimer Pilgerfahrt.

Our Premium Locations


The Aulerde location is towards the South and is sheltered by the neighbouring East and Southeast hills called Kirchspiel. The soil is characterised by thick loess layers, clay marl with a very small percentage of lime.


This location has a 20% gradient and is located on the South side. Our Riesling really benefits from the evening sun, as this grape has the highest assimilation capacity at this time of day. The soil consists off limestone with clay marl, as a result of coral sediment.


The Kirchspiel location is South-easterly which largely protects it against cold winds. The soil is predominantly limestone and clay marl. Due to the high heat retaining quality of limestone this soil is ideal for producing a good wine quality.


The Steingrube location is slightly south orientated. The warm loess soil is interspersed with clay marl and limestone.