Family & Tradition

Our vineyard is situated at the sun spoiled ‘Wonnegau’, “the land on a thousand hills”. Already in the 18th century our Huguenot ancestors begun to make their living from wine farming and took over the current Vineyard Bergkloster about 120 years ago. By now we have cultivated this vineyard over four generations within our family. We believe in preserving longstanding traditions, but at the same time to be open to new ideas.

Our family consists off Paul-Gerhard Groebe (Dipl.-Ing. for wine making and plantation), Cornelia Groebe and our three children – supported by the senior, Anni Groebe.

Our son, Jason Groebe, finished his apprenticeship with excellent results and thereby gathered valuable experience in renowned vineyards. He then started his university study in wine making in Geisenheim. He is already an active member of our workforce and is looking to take on the baton of this wine farm in the future.

Family picture from 1933